1877 San Francisco City Directory
Frederick Bee, capitalist, and Frank Bee, clerk, are listed. Both resided at 620 Eddy Street.

Taken from the Donghua Record of the Guangxu Reign: the tenth month of the third year of the Guangxu Reign [Nov, 1877]; section pg. 140-41 (book pg.488-89)
Nov. 20, 1877
Reporting from the Office in charge of Affairs of All Nations.
In January 1874, my office submitted a report regarding Foreign Visit Commissioner Chen Lanbin's investigation of the situation of Chinese contract laborers in foreign countries. Commissioner Chen's report provides a detailed account of Chinese laborers' working conditions, so we considered sending it to every foreign diplomat and also notifying the Minister of Beiyang Commerce, the Minister of Nanyang Commerce, and provincial officials. In addition, we also wanted to invite foreign diplomats to discuss with us together. Again, in December 1875, we reported that Chen Lanbin was sent to the United States, Spain, and Peru to take up the matter with their governments. Peru and Spain both agreed to hold talks with us about the issue of Chinese contract laborers. Peru has signed a treaty with Li Hongzhang. As for Spain, after Chen Lanbin's investigation, my office had meetings with Spanish and other foreign diplomats. We planned to make treaties to protect Chinese contract laborers and held regular meetings with foreign diplomats. Spanish Minister-Counselor F. Otin y Mesias and other foreign diplomats had also finished their drafts of treaties. We started to consult each other's drafts and tried to put them together. It just happened that in spring 1875, the British Translation Officer Augustus Raymond Margary was murdered in Yunnan. The British Minister Thomas Francis Wade sent us a letter saying that before this murder case was solved, he would not participate in any of our future talks with the Spanish diplomats. He soon left Beijing. My office also did not continue our talks with other foreign diplomats, and the whole plan had to be suspended. When the Magary Affair was concluded, the Spanish Minister Don Carols Antonio de Espana was already in Beijing. Although we held regular meetings, the final draft was still not ready. In last summer, the Spanish Minister left for Yantai for the summer holidays, so we could not hold talks with him. Finally after Don Carols Antonio de Espana came back from Yantai, he came to my office, and we both tried our best to resolve the issues. We revised previously written drafts and finally made a treaty with sixteen clauses, which both parties have approved and unified. Both parties decided to sign the treaty on Nov. 17. As for some unfinished issues, we will present a separate formal note and list all those issues. In addition, we will have the note written in Chinese, French and Spanish, and make two copies in each language; each party will retain a copy as proof. Together with this report, I have respectfully copied each clause of the treaty and four other formal notes for Your Majesty's reference. If we have Your Majesty's approval, my office will immediately notify those foreign diplomats with whom we have previously held talks. We will also notify the Minister of Beiyang Commerce, the Minister of Nanyang Commerce, viceroys, military commanders, provincial governors, and our diplomats. The Minister of Beiyang Commerce, the Minister of Nanyang Commerce, viceroys, military commanders, and provincial governors will then notify all local supervisory offices to follow. After the exchange of the instruments of ratification, we will put the treaty in print and send it for promulgation.
(Emperor's directive: proceed as proposed.)