NOTE: I posted Chinese treaties from 1689 to 1901.

Convention Regulating Chinese Immigration (also called the Gresham-Yang Treaty 1894)

The Chinese ambassador to the United States of American Yang Ru (Yang Yu) and the Secretary of State Walter Q. Gresham concluded the six articles of the treaty regarding Chinese laborers.

The Chinese version was taken from the Donghua Record of the Guangxu Reign: the second month of the twentieth year of the Guangxu Reign [March, 1894]; section pg. 38-40 (book pg.3342-3344)
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English version of the treaty


In the above official English version of the treaty, the second paragraph of the treaty reads:
"And whereas the Government of China, in view of the antagonism and much deprecated and serious disorders to which the presence of China laborers has given rise in certain parts of the United States, desires to prohibit "

The Chinese version, as recorded in the Donghua Record of the Guangxu Reign, says more plainly:
"And whereas the Government of China, in view of the hardships and maltreatment that many Chinese laborers suffer in the United States, fearing the damage to the diplomatic relationship, desires to prohibit"