No 7796
Articles of Incorporation of ThePlacerville and Humboldt Telegraph Co
A true Copy of the original filed in the County Clerk office El Dorado Co
September 17, 1858
Filed Sept 20 1858
Chas. Forman
Record Book B pages 382 Assistant Clerk
Certificate of incorporation of the Placerville and Humboldt Telegraph Company
Be it known to all whom it may concern that in virtue of an act of the Legislature of the State of California "Act of April 22nd A D 1850 concerning corporations chapter six" we Frederick A. Bee, Peter H. Lovell and Edgar Bogardus citizens of Placerville El Dorado County and State of California who have signed and acknowledged this Certificate of incorporation have associated ourselves and our successors together for the purpose of constructing and putting in good working order and keeping the same in such good condition a line or lines of Electro Magnetic Telegraphich wires including insulators poles fixtures stations electric fluids and other things proper and necessary to construct extend conduct and keep in repair the same telegraph and to put and keep the same in successful operation for the transmission backwards and forwards of telegraphic message in the ordinary way by means of telegraphic wires.
Name of the company
We have associated ourselves and successors by the corporate name and style and association of "The Placerville and the Humboldt Telegraph Company" to distinguish its dealings and to enable us and our successors by this name to sue and to be sued to manage conduct and to transact all the business matters pertaining to said Telegraphic association and corporation for the objects and purposes of its contemplated establishment and construction.
General Route
The commencement and starting point of the same Telegraph line or lines is the City of Placerville in El Dorado County on Main Street in the said City and extending and stretching from this point along with as near thereto as practicable the stage Road used by the Stages conveying passengers and the United States mails from Placerville to Great Salt Lake City via the Town of Genoa in Utah Territory crossing the eastern boundary line of this State in Lake Valley where States aforesaid by the road aforesaid cross the same line and run into Carson Valley or as near that point as may be practicable and extending from this point on the same boundary line of this State in Lake Valley along with or as near to same Stage road as may be practicable to the Towns of Genoa and Rag Town in said Utah Territory and from hence by the road aforesaid to the Great Salt Lake City aforesaid which last point is intended to be the termination of said Telegraph line or lines where an office is designed to be established and from whence a connexion is intended to be made by telegraphic wires with the said City of Placerville the commencing point of the same wires
The Capital Stock of same Company
The capital stock of this association and corporation is Fifteen Thousand Dollars to commence with (with power in the stockholders and directors to increase it hereafter) which said Capital of Fifteen Thousand Dollars is divided into One Hundred and Fifty shares valued as One Hundred Dollars per share.
Period of duration of this association and corporation
This corporation and association shall have an existence for Fifty years commencing the first of September AD 1858 and to expire the first day of September in AD 1908 Nineteen Hundred and Eight
Names and Residences of Shareholders
Names Residence No. shares
F & G Chorpenning Placerville Thirty
F. A. Bee Placerville Twenty
Gelwick & January Placerville Two
J. J. Clark Placerville One
Smith & Nash Placerville One
John H. Davis Placerville One
Caephas Clark Placerville One
A. J. Melvin Placerville One
Theo F. Tracy Placerville Six
E Bogardus Placerville Twelve
F Leely Placerville Two
John Blair Placerville One
G W Raymond Placerville One
R F Culver Placerville One
F Glynn Placerville One
Condee & Monroe Placerville One
Thomas J. Hall Placerville One
Lewis Brady Placerville One
P. H. Lovell Placerville Twenty
G N Douglass Placerville One
Joseph White & Company Placerville One
T. H. Hewes Placerville One
T Lowenhelm Placerville One
Geddes & Crisman Placerville One
William Krahner Placerville One
Harriett Salmon Placerville One
Catherine M Bee Placerville One
George F Jones Placerville Two
Ogden Squires Placerville One
A D Waldron Placerville One
A van Dyke Placerville One
George P Mony Placerville One
George Bowers Placerville One
A. D. Park Placerville One
G W Saxton Placerville One
Hannah & Lesser Placerville One
W. W. Smith Placerville Five
C C Bartlett Placerville One
Colonel S J K Handy Placerville One
Anthony & Company Sacramento Three
J M McDonal Sacramento Two
Alta California Office San Francisco Three
A. W. Bee San Francisco Two
W. M. Ormsby Carson Valley Two
John Child Carson Valley One
W. B. Thorington Carson Valley One
H. Mott & Sons Carson Valley One
A.G. Hancock Carson Valley One
Martin Smith Carson Valley One

In witness whereof we the said Frederick A. Bee, Peter H. Lovell and Edgar Bogardus corporators aforesaid have hereunto set our hands and seals this 17th day of September AD 1858.
Executed and acknowledged in the presence of L. T. Carr, William G Davis
Frederick A. Bee seal
Peter H. Lovell seal
Edgar Bogardus seal
State of California, El Dorado County
On this seventeenth day of September AD 1858 personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for the State and County aforesaid Frederick A. Bee Peter H. Lovell and Edgar Bogardus of the County aforesaid known to me to be the persons they represents themselves to be who severally in my presence signed and sealed the foregoing articles of incorporation or instrument of writing and acknowledged that they each executed the same fully and voluntarily and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and that the same is their voluntary act and deed.
William G. Davis
A Justice of the Peace in and for El Dorado County
State of California
County of El Dorado
A. D. Waldron County Clerk in and for said County hereby certify that the foregoing is true and full copy of the original article of Incorporation of "the Placerville and Humboldt Telegraph Company" filed and recorded in my office on Sept 17th 1858.
Witness my hand and seal of the County Court of said County hereto affixed on office of Placerville this September 20th AD 1858
A D Waldron
County Clerk