Letters from Frederick A. Bee to General John Bidwell

Courtesy of John Bidwell Papers, 1848-1900. MSS 002, Meriam Library, California State University, Chico

September 17, 1879

November 6, 1879

May 20, 1885

February 27, 1886

May 3, 1886

Letter of May 3, 1886 requested General Bidwell to cooperate with Colonel Burns to obtain names of anti-Chinese boycott leaders. "I propose to make some trouble for your boycotting citizens resident in Chico. Colonel Burns will want the names and property qualifications of the whole batch for our use. I will make it hot for them."

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 55, Number 66, 8 May 1886
Colonel Burns, Deputy United States Marshall, arrived in Chico on May 6, 1886.