The letter below was written by Sophronia Bee to her husband, Albert. W. Bee on December 2, 1853. Sophronia Bee lived in Placerville, California. Albert W. Bee lived in San Francisco, California. Sophronia Bee was about 5-months pregnant with her first child, Wilson Clapp Bee (aka Albert W. Bee, Jr.). Wilson Clapp Bee assumed the name of Albert W. Bee, Jr. after the death of his father. This letter is courtesy of Wells Fargo Bank.

Birth of Albert W. Bee, brother of Frederick Bee 9/19/1821 in Clinton, NY
Birth of Frederick A. Bee 9/26/1825 in Clinton, NY
Birth of Catherine Maxwell, wife of Frederick Bee 3/7/1828 in Ballston Spa, NY
Birth of Sophronia Clapp, wife of Albert W. Bee 8/7/1830 in Addison, Maine

Albert W. Bee arrived in San Francisco on June 30, 1849.
Frederick Bee arrived in San Francisco on September 25, 1849.
Albert W. Bee and Frederick A. Bee settled in Placerville, CA.

Catherine Maxwell and Frederick Bee were married in Ballston Spa, New York on Thursday, October 17, 1850.
Frederick Bee and family returned to San Francisco on April 30, 1852 on the Winfield Scott.
Albert Bee married Sophronia Louise Clapp on December 21, 1852.
Albert Bee and wife returned to San Francisco on February 6, 1853 on the Oregon.

Date of letter December 2, 1853
Birth of Wilson Clapp Bee aka Albert W. Bee, Jr., son of Albert W. Bee, - 3/9/1854
Albert W. Bee died on November 14, 1863 in Austin, Nevada Territory.
Albert W. Bee, Jr. died on December 28, 1924.
Sophronia Clapp Bee died on August 4, 1925 .