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Key dates in the life of Frederick A. Bee
Birth of Frederick A. Bee -9/9/1825 in Clinton, NY
Death of John Bee, father - 7/1/1833 in Clinton, NY
Birth of Catherine Maxwell, wife of Frederick Bee – 3/7/1828 in Ballston Spa, NY
Frank M. Bee, son of Frederick Bee, was born on August 11, 1851.
Daily Alta California, Volume 6, Number 286, 16 November 1855
Willie Howard, son of Frederick Bee –about two years of age – died on November 10, 1855 in Placerville, California.
Willie Bee gravesite

Birth of Albert W. Bee, brother of Frederick Bee – 9/19/1821 in Clinton, NY
Birth of Sophronia Clapp, wife of Albert W. Bee – 8/7/1830 in Addison, Maine
Birth of Albert W. Bee, Jr., son of Albert Bee, - 3/9/1854
Birth of Everett Newton Bee, son of Albert Bee - 8/28/1861
Albert W. Bee's four daughters died before the age of two.
Lizzie Bee 6/20/55 to 5/26/56
Annie Bee 8/10/56 to 6/24/58
Kitty Bee 3/15/59 to 3/25/60
Mary Bee 3/18/63 to 11/4/64

Albert W. Bee arrived in San Francisco on June 30, 1849.
Frederick Bee arrived in San Francisco on September 25, 1849.
Albert W. Bee and Frederick A. Bee settled in Placerville, CA.
Catherine Maxwell and Frederick Bee were married in Ballston Spa, New York on Thursday, October 17, 1850.
Frederick Bee and family returned to San Francisco on April 30, 1852 on the Winfield Scott.
Albert Bee married Sophronia Louise Clapp on December 21, 1852.
Albert Bee and wife returned to San Francisco on February 6, 1853 on the Oregon.

September, 1855 F A Bee had successful mining operation while employing 20 Chinese workers on Ledge Bar.

Daily Alta California, Volume 7, Number 318, 24 November 1856
Election results
F. A. Bee received 2,767 votes as an American Party candidate to be a member of the Assembly for El Dorado County in the election of 1856.

A. W. Bee of Meeker & Co. listed in the 1856 San Francisco City Directory commencing October, 1856.
The May 14, 1936 Mountain Democrat reported that Sophronia Bee, widow of A. W. Bee, arrived in Placerville in 1853 and moved to San Francisco in 1856.

May 9, 1858 Telegraph company formed in Placerville.

NOTE: F. A. Bee was probably awarded the honorary title of Colonel as a result of his work to establish a telegraph line.

Leavenworth & Pike's Peak Express, the organizers of the Pony Express applied for articles of incorporation by the legislature of Kansas territory, which were passed by that body and approved by Gov. S. Medary on February 13, 1860. Besides the three original members of the firm the incorporators included General Superintendent BF Ficklin together with FA Bee ,WW Finney and John S Jones, all tried and trustworthy stage employees ,who were retained on account of their wide experience in the overland traffic business.
From Kansas Historical Quarterly - Pike's Peak Express Companies, 4

The Pony Express ended on October 24, 1861.

At 10 pm on October 26th, 1861 this message from San Francisco was received Cyrus W Field New York “The Pacific telegraph calls the Atlantic cable AW Bee”.
From From “Cyrus W. Field, his life and work (1819-1892)(1896)

November 1861 NY Times
November, 1861 A.W. Bee resigned from Pacific Telegraph Company.

Richard Bee, brother of Frederick Bee, died in Placerville, California on May 3, 1862.

Albert W. Bee died on November 14, 1863.
November 21, 1863 Mountain Democrat
The sad intelligence reached us that Major A W Bee, a pioneer of Placerville, had died in Austin, NT, on Sunday morning last. Major Bee settled in this place early in 1849 , as always, manifested a deep interest in the welfare of our city. He was liberal, enterprising and successful in business, honorable in his dealings, correct in his deportment, and courteous in manner. He was an estimable citizen, a good neighbor, and an indulgent husband and father. In connection with his brother, Col. F. A. Bee, he labored zealously to construct the overland telegraph and his name and that of his brother, will be forever memorialized with that grand enterprise. At the time of this death he was largely and profitably engaged in mining at Reese River and owned some of the best claims, in that rich region. He leaves a wife and children in San Francisco and a large circle of friends in this county to mourn his loss.

Frederick A. Bee's Testimony in front of Nevada Legislature

5 April 1868
Colonel Bee addressed crowd in Petaluma about San Francisco and Humboldt Bay Railroad.

May 5, 1868
F.A. Bee in charge of Sausalito development - Bee Street in Sausalito is named after F.A. Bee.

25 May 1871
Frederick Bee thanked for his work with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and steamship subsidy.

7 December 1871
F.A. Bee was an original incorporator of the Central Polynesia Land and Commercial Company.

1873 to 1874 Frederick Bee was part of a group that tried to build a railroad in Washington Territory, Olympia Railway and Mining Company, and worked on obtaining a subsidy for a steamship line.
Refer to this website about the railroad.

Colonel Bee agreed to represent Chinese interest after Senator Morton was unable to find another attorney - from May 27, 1892 San Francisco Call.

12 November 1876
Colonel Bee called witnesses before Congressional Committee to convened to investigate Chinese immigration.

February 27, 1877
Report of the Joint Special Committee to Investigate Chinese Immigration
Report of the Joint Special Committee to Investigate Chinese Immigration
The report concluded the Chinese population had few desirable characteristics.

In 1877 and 1878 Frederick Bee worked for the Chinese Six Companies.

October 3, 1878
Frederick Bee advertisement to sell his home in Placerville
Sequoia Restaurant

2 November 1878
3000 Irish met to complain about Colonel Bee

13 December 1878
Chinese consulate opened in San Francisco, California.

Huang Zunxian's (aka Huang Tsun-hsien) poem written about Frederick Bee

Wikipedia entry about Huang Zunxian's (aka Huang Tsun-hsien)

March 31, 1882
Huang Zunxian became Consul General in San Francisco.

April, 1882
Colonel Bee was awarded title by the Chinese government.

May 6, 1882
Wikipedia entry for the Chinese Exclusion

15 October 1886
Consul Bee bought 60 acres in Martinez, California.

Frederick Bee in the 1891 Directory of the grape growers: wine makers and distillers of California
The Bee Ranch was on the hill between Vine Hill Way and Morello Avenue.

Contra Costa Board of Trade brochure

Frederick Bee spent most of his time between 1882 to 1892 making appearances in the Ninth District Court in San Francisco to testify whether Chinese passengers should be allowed to stay in California and investigating killings of Chinese residents in other states.

Death of Mrs. Bee August 18, 1889

Death of Frederick Bee May 26, 1892

Frank M. Bee died on June 22, 1895.
Albert W. Bee, Jr. died on December 28, 1924.
Sophronia Clapp Bee,wife of Albert W. Bee, died on August 4, 1925 at the age of 94.
Everett Newton Bee died on October 27, 1935.