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Genealogy of John Bee, father of Frederick Bee

Bee Family and the First Unitarian Church

Frank M. Bee biograpny was wrong.
Frank Bee was a farmer in Contra Costa County.

When was Willie Howard Bee born? When did Willie Howard Bee die? Why didn't the tombstone in San Francisco match the tombstone in Placerville?
and Willie Bee's gravesite

John Bee's property in Clinton, NY

From the Oneida County Historical Society, "John Bee owned land in the Town of Paris in 1814. He was also in the 1825 census with 6 males and 3 females, one male of voting age. In the Old Burying grounds, Kirkland Av., Clinton, NY Elizabeth Bee, age 22, died March 10, 1832; John Bee, age 57, died July 1, 1833, and John Bee Jr. age 19, died March 1, 1836."
Old Burying Ground, Clinton, NY
John Bee, father
Per Alice Corcoran Bee, John Bee moved to Clinton, NY in 1802.
Per Clinton, NY Historical Society, John Bee was a tailor. He was a leader in the local Masonic Order. His property ended just short of the present day 7 College St. which is and has been the location of Alteri's Restaurant for 60 years.
John Bee,son
Elizabeth Bee

Albert W. Bee's wife and son,Everett Newton Bee, during the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
Sophronia L. Bee wrote letters dated April 19 1906.
Earthquake Exodus
View earthquake shack at San Francisco Zoo.
James Palmer, Jr. married Frances Haver, Frederick Bee's niece, in 1869.
Read about the Palmer Family.

Albert Wilson Bee, Jr., son of Frederick A. Bee's brother, was also named Wilson Clapp Bee.
Search for Albert Wilson Bee on Southwest Harbor Public Library, Maine website

Sophronia Clapp and Albert Wilson Bee short biographies written by Albert Wilson Bee, III.
Courtesy of Alice (Bee) Corcoran
Per the Clinton, NY Historical Society, S. Louise Clapp was enrolled at Clinton Liberal Institute, Female Department in 1850 and 1851.
The Institute was founded in 1831 by the Universalist Church; it moved to Fort Plain, N.Y. in 1879 and operated there until it was destroyed by fire in 1900.
Clinton in 1852

Pictures of Anna Bee's house in Saratoga, California
The house was built in 1902. Original property records are also attached.
Information about the house
Notice in September 11, 1901 Bar Harbor Record
Eden, Maine is now known as Bar Harbor, Maine.

Albert W. Bee, Jr. biography
Courtesy of the Southwest Harbor Public Library

From: Nora Murphy, Archivist for Reference, Instruction and Outreach, Institute Archives and Special Collections, 14N-118, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, regarding Albert W. Bee, Jr.
"According to sources in the archives, Mr. Bee's address on entrance was Santa Barbara, California. It appears that Mr. Bee attended MIT from 1869-1873. He took courses in Civil Engineering (course 1) from 1872-1873. It is not clear if he graduated from MIT but he was considered part of class 1874.
In the Student Directories for the years 1869 -1873, Mr. Bee's home address is given as San Francisco, California. From 1869-1871, his term address is listed as Dorchester. During the 1871/72 academic year, his term address was 28 Milford Street, Boston. The following year, he moved to 26 Milford Street.
His name also appeared in two Alumni Directories. The directory for the year 1909 listed Mr. Bee as having attended during the years 1870-71-72-73. The 1912 directory gives his attendance as 1869-73, and lists him as deceased.
Read about Albert Wilson Bee, Jr.'s in-laws
Melinda P. Blake was born on 20 Sep 1825.Melinda married Thomas Payson on 13 May 1852. Thomas was born on 13 Mar 1822. He died on 28 Jul 1877.
They had the following children:
Horace Blake Payson was born on 19 Oct 1856. He died on 6 Jan 1891.
Charles Thomas Payson was born on 23 May 1860. He died on 28 Apr 1864
Nellie Fay Payson was born on 1 Apr 1866. She died on 12 May 1875.
Anna Holden Payson was born on 22 Sep 1854. Anna Holden Payson married Albert W. Bee, Jr. on May 13, 1881. Anna Holden Payson Bee died on December 12, 1939 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Richard Bee's letters written during his trip from New York to San Francisco with Everett Newton Bee in the summer of 1932.
Compare these letters to the diary of Albert Bee, father of Everett Newton Bee - Gold Rush vs. Depression, old man vs. young man, father vs. son, sailing ship vs. automobile.
Anna Holden Payson, grandmother to Richard Bee, made at least five cross-country trips by automobiles, the last one in 1936 at the age of 82.
Read about Richard Bee.
Everett Bee and his love of dancing in The Wasp July 11, 1914, page 16

Inscriptions at Lone Mountain Cemetery aka Laurel Hill
More inscriptions
Nothing left of cemetery

Wilson Family history

Search for Sophonia Clapp (page 257) and Fayette Clapp (page 71) in The Clapp memorial: record of the Clapp family in America by Ebeneezer Clapp.
Fayette Clapp married Louise Amelia Knapp Smith. Louise Clapp (later Clappe) wrote under the name of "Dame Shirley". The marriage of Fayette Clapp to Louise Smith is NOT mentioned in the records of Ebeneezer Clapp.
Read Dame Shirley's letters.
The wives of Frederick and Albert Bee did not leave records; Dame Shirley's experiences may be a good substitute.
Some interesting facts about Louise Clappe, Osmyn Baker, and Fayette Clapp
John Swett was a friend of Louise Clappe and an acquaintance of the Bee Family.

The Bee Family's influence continued after the death of Frederick A. Bee
Everett Newton Bee