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Case 9740

Ah Yute was suspected of being a sex slave.
Ah Oie was suspected of being a sex slave.

Records of minors whose cases were adjudicated at the US District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco from 1882 to 1892

Case 5628 Wah Ah Ying 11-year-old

Case 8747 Loo Choy Ho 8-year-old

Case 8749 Lee Ey Fung 11-year-old

Case 8909 Leong Kam 15-year-old

Case 8920 Lee Yen 17-year-old

Case 8933 Wong Mun Bin 17-year-old

Case 8972 Wong Choy Sin 15-year-old

Case 8973 Wong Fook Ho 14-year-old

Case 8974 Wong Sing Yee 13-year-old

Case 8976 Dong Young 12-year-old

Case 8978 Dong Que Far 15-year-old

Case 9033 Fong Toong Mow 13-year-old

Case 9151 Lim Git Gaow 17-year-old

Case 9155 Leong Lai Yook 15-year-old

Case 9186 Lee Kong Chong 16-year-old

Case 9213 Mar Sue Lim 16-year-old

Case 9288 Chin Ah Ching 17-year-old

Case 9455 Jueng Gum 12-year-old

Case 9518 Lee Hay 12-year-old

Case 9520 Lee Heong 10-year-old

Case 9535 Lee Ah Kwong 14-year-old

Case 9722 Mar Chew Kook 11-year-old

Case 9739 Jew Sing Toy 12-year-old

Case 9740 Wong Suey Gaow 5-year-old

Case 9741 Wong Ow How 11-year-old

Case 9797 Jung Sioy 14-year-old

Case 9800 Jeung Yit Quay 12-year-old

Case 9888 Chun Chi Sir 14 -year-old

Case 10052 Yee Mee 9-year-old

Case 10116 Chin Chon Loy 10 year-old

Case 10144 Cha Sing Kwai 10-year-old

Case 10145 Cha Tai Kim 5-year-old

Case 10209 Lum Toy 14-year-old